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Forever Friends

Last month, I was privileged to be able to go back and spend a week in Atlantic City. It had been 27 years since I had seen my friends. We … Continue reading

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Field Report 6: Operation Spark- Amaya Hampton

There was a big change at Operation Spark in February. My supervisor moved to North Carolina and a new person was hired a couple of weeks later. While I enjoyed … Continue reading

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Field Report 5: The Education Race in New Orleans

During my time at Tulane University, I spent a fair amount of hours studying education policy as well as education as a social construct. I attempted to understand the complicated … Continue reading

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A Shepherd Ambassador, I Am

“Wherever you go, build a community around you” – A Friend Of Mine In 2015, I was a participant in the Shepherd Internship Program. The Shepherd Internship Program allows students to learn … Continue reading

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My Hero Nate Golmon

Nate is not only my first nephew but he is also my hero. He is a junior who attends school at Tate High School in Florida. Nate is one of … Continue reading

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A Successful Campaign

Every year that I have served as a VISTA  UNITY of Greater New Orleans has had a holiday campaign. Last year we housed 52 families between Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.  … Continue reading

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Field Report 5- Meg Nielsen: Oh SNAP

Living on a VISTA budget is the most difficult part of the program.  When friends and family ask me how I’m enjoying New Orleans, generally with a mischievous glint in … Continue reading

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Field Report 5: Amaya Hampton-Operation Spark

Operation Spark had some extra noise in January. We held info sessions every week in January except the week of the freeze that took over the city. One of our … Continue reading

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Aidan M. – Fit for a King Conference

Moving to a new city can be an incredibly eye-opening experience. When one moves from a small city in upstate New York whose notable cultural exports include perforated toilet paper … Continue reading

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“It’s HAVOC you Fear”

Those who know me, know that I am a basketball fanatic especially when it comes to college and those VCU Rams. Although basketball was never my personal forte due to … Continue reading

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