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What I Didn’t Expect to Learn

I never had any interest in joining AmeriCorps. I heard about many of the corps programs and it just seemed like an inefficient way to get transplants involved in building communities they have never been apart of. After my interview with the executive of The Water Collaborative, she told me the position would be with AmeriCorps and explained what that would entail. I agreed thinking the the pros outweighed the cons.

A year later, I am in many ways better off than where I was a year ago. Physically, I have picked up old running habits and have gotten in control of my drinking. Emotionally, I have connected with many people this past year, understanding myself and how i relate to others. Professionally, I have vastly expanded my network in the city as well as gained a hefty resume. Personally, I found a passion in digital illustrating and how I want to spend the rest of my professional life. Whether this was because this was my first stable 9-5 position or because I have experienced another year of living.

As I round up my one year of service, I think back to every time I have looked a year back from my present moment and as unimaginable as it may seem, I always have grown, at least a little bit, into a more well rounded human. That is to say, I still have much growing to do. I hope this satisfies my blog requirement. I will get back to work now.

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