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Fall in New Orleans has been amazing and I’ve been busy with volunteer management and community outreach for DiscoveryFEST with all of the amazing events that organizations have been hosting this season! With festivals of all kinds and Halloween events going on, there has been nothing but fun event after event in the city to attend for work as well as during my time off. Not to mention the fall weather in New Orleans is amazing (when it’s not raining) so it’s been really awesome to enjoy the 70 degrees weather with so many outdoor events!


Photo courtesy of Odyssey

For work, I’ve had the opportunity to attend some pretty amazing festivals and events all throughout the city. We bring a few activities with us for the youth (and sometimes adults!) to have the opportunity to play. My personal favorite being Kryptonite Kapture, an active game which has elements of a relay race and dodgeball, plus you get to wear a cape! Many of the activities that we do involve superheroes or video game characters so if you ever need to know what superhero belongs in what universe or how to set up a Super Nintendo, I’m your girl (and I’m improving my Mario Kart skills, too). I can honestly say that the trunk of my car has been nothing short of crammed with programming supplies since the beginning of September and it’s been so fun to go to these events throughout the city!


Photo courtesy of WiffleGif

Outside of work going to events on the weekend for work, I’ve tried to keep up with the festivals in the city and all of the events that are always happening. Every weekend there’s so much to do and see and you don’t want to miss out. I’ve eaten so much food from Fried Chicken Fest to Beignet Fest and I can’t even describe how amazing it was. Then you realize that you need to work off all of the amazing food but luckily there’s weekly workout classes in many of the beautiful parks throughout New Orleans (and some of them are free!) so I’ve had the chance to give the ol’ college try to hip-hop kickboxing and yoga! You don’t realize how out of shape you are until after an hour of yoga, your core hurts when you sneeze for the next two days.


Photo courtesy of Odyssey

All in all, New Orleans fall season has been great. After a while, the summer heat breaks (much to my dismay, sometimes down to 39 degrees but it’s fine) and it’s the perfect time for outdoor festivals, food festivals, and a solid workout in the park! Hopefully spring will bring just as many outreach events for work so I can keep enjoying all of the events the city has to offer!


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