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Halloween Community Event

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It is so easy to walk by the NOLA Spaces building, an old firehouse tucked into a residential area, and not realize that inside that unassuming building are four beautiful wood floored dance studios.  Who would think that the building is a host to a wide variety of adult dance classes as well as Upturn Arts, an art education organization for kids?

Seriously, who? We need more visibility.  We want people in the neighborhood to know who we are and what we do.  So, how can we get people inside the building? That is the big question.

Our initial idea was to physically make people look at our building by projecting a movie on the side of the NOLA Spaces.  Due to permits we would need and a lack of time, we decided to put a bookmark in that one and go with the KISS method (Keep It Simple, Stupid).  Our first event would be straightforward:

“Upturn Arts and Dance Quarter invite our Central City neighbors to stop in for a night of Halloween festivities and community building! Join us for music, snacks, trick or treating, and a kids’ costume give away.  Start your night off by taking your costume for a spin on the dance floor.  While you’re at it, check out our fall programming and ask us about our creARTive grants! Come by on Halloween, October 31st, between 4-7pm! Happy Halloween!


We were hoping a small number of people would come to the event.  We were blown away when over 60 people showed up and we were able to distribute a little under 100 free kids’ costumes.  It was great to see kids pick a costume, go home, then come back wearing the costume to join in the dance party.  Due to the success of this event we have decided to hold 4 community engagement events so that we can continue to open our doors to our neighbors and serve our community.


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