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Be the change YOU want to see in the WORLD!!

I have always tried to be an asset to the population I am serving. This year has been an eye opening experience in many ways. Being on a Vista team has allowed me to learn so much from the positive as well as the negative experiences. I have learned to become a team player.  I have seen so much controversy beginning with our presidential election to the taking down of all confederate monuments in New Orleans. There is a feeling of uncertainty and  unrest in our country. I have learned I can only change what I can change. I try not to waste my time and energy on things I have no control over. Debating issues and standing up for one’s beliefs are two very different approaches. It’s simpler just to agree to disagree. As I would like others to respect my thoughts and beliefs I have to remind myself to extend the same courtesy to others. As humans we tend to get caught up in the thought process that our way is the only way or needing to be right. My goal in life is to be remembered as a person who is kind, a  selfless servant and nonjudgmental to all people. So with that thought in mind Be the change you want to see in the World is an excellent starting point and a guideline for whom I am striving to be as small contributor in this thing we call LIFE!

be the change



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