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Student Spotlight @ CWLA


At Community Works of Louisiana (CWLA), we provide arts and enrichment programs all over the city. We currently serve 11 schools, and over 700 students daily. One of the highlights of my job is sitting in on our classes and getting to see the awesome projects our students are working on.

This past week, I interviewed Miss Dasani for this week’s Community Works Student Spotlight.












Sarah: Hi Dasani! Which grade are you in, and which Community Works class are you in?

Dasani: I am in the 6th grade and I am in sewing class with Miss Blu.


S: That’s awesome. Did you know how to sew before you started this class?

D: Yeah, I knew a little bit but in this class I learn how to make a lot more things, like bags and dresses.


S: What project are you working on right now?

D: I’m making a bag strap to go on my bag. I’m doing a top stitch!


S: When you’re making something in sewing class, how do you choose which fabric you want to use?

D: I like colors that will pop! Purple is my favorite!


S: What’s your favorite material?

D: I like anything that’s really soft—like a bear’s fur. I also like leather.


S: Do you have any celebrities whose fashion inspires you when you’re designing things in sewing class?

D: Hmm.. there are so many! But my favorite celebrity fashion is Miss Blu. She is so stylish! She wears the most beautiful dresses and dresses are my favorite thing to wear!


S: That’s very sweet, I’m sure Miss Blu will love to hear that! What’s your favorite subject in school?

D: Math. And it’s cool because I get to use in it sewing class for things like length, width, and height of the fabrics we use. I want to go to a Fashion Design school for college and I’ll need to be good at Math to get in.


S: If you’re as good at Math as you are at sewing, you’ll have no problem getting into a Design School! Are there other things you like to do besides sewing?

D: I like to play games, like Subway Surfers and Dragon City. I also make rubber band bracelets!


S: Sounds like you are quite the creative one! So I don’t know how to sew, is there any advice you’d like to give me if I were to start learning?

D: My advice would be that at first it is very difficult, but then it gets easy and it super fun!


Thanks to Dasani and Miss Blu for letting me sit in on sewing class! It is always such a pleasure to see all the projects our students are working on—keep up the good work!




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