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Congrats Fred!

Congratulations to Café Reconcile’s 2016 Graduate Fred, who received the “Legacy of Service” Award in February from The Roosevelt Hotel in New Orleans. Fred was acknowledged for his hard work and commitment to The Roosevelt just two months after he was hired as a runner/busser at The Fountain Lounge! Here’s what the award said: “Fred is a vital member of our restaurant team…He has assisted service for several large parties, and worked tirelessly to ensure every guest received a once-in-a-lifetime service experience. Fred has become the team’s right-hand man.”

A native of New Orleans, Fred completed Café Reconcile’s program in the winter of 2016. His enthusiasm, thoughtfulness and determination were evident throughout the program.  In an interview with Fred, he spoke about the skills he gained while participating in Reconcile’s workforce development program:  “I’ve learned how to properly hold a knife . . . and how to deal with people and how to not always rush to emotions and action.  I need to think before I act.”  With Reconcile’s support, he was determined to get a better job and to provide for his family: “My goal is simple. I want to see my family as happy as they can be. And I’m willing to do whatever that takes. I will use my success to help them out. I want the best for them and for them to be happy.” Fred is a wonderful example of how talented and motivated our youth are in New Orleans.

Fred Smooth - Roosevelt Employee of the Month




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