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Hi everyone,

Sincerest apologies, my dear readership, for not writing more blogs, but I have found it surprisingly difficult lately to think of something worthwhile to write, and I don’t feel comfortable writing publicly about the things that I do think are worthwhile. But alas, I’m going to write a blog anyway.

Perhaps the reason I don’t feel excited to write about work is that for the most part, everything I am doing now is a repeat or continuation of the work I did last year. Since our program operates semesterly, each four months the process starts over: from the planning, to the various phases of building, to the communications that take place at each step of the way. As a team, my co-workers and I are making changes to the way we do things, making our processes more efficient and effective, but largely things are the same.

I’ve tracked this feeling to the fact that for my whole life so far I’ve been experiencing activities in a tri-annual cycle. Since I was 5, life has been a cycle of a fall semester, a spring semester, and a summer break. Any classes I’ve taken have lasted only four months, and all jobs or internships I’ve held were the same. That pace always felt appropriate to me; by the end of each semester the courses and jobs started to get old. So now, as I break out of that cycle and enter the more permanent workforce (I say more permanent because this position is still only a year) my daily work is starting to feel stale. The cycle has been stretched.

But that’s probably just the reality of life as a non-student, and I’m just going to have to get used to it. Part of that means pushing myself to keep work interesting and new. After all, it is my responsibility to like what I do, not my employer’s.

The one thing that hasn’t gotten old, though, is getting to interact with the Apprentices each week. They’re all great and I genuinely look forward to Saturdays to spend time with them.



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