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December was an interesting month because I was able to go home for an extended period of time to visit family for the holidays. It was rejuvenating to be home in New Jersey where much of my support system lives. I was able to have lengthy discussions with my family about my career choice and what comes next after my life as a VISTA. While I decided I wanted to become a lawyer after my year, it is clearer to my what type of law I would like to practice. International human rights law is a very specific track and requires many different types of courses. Of course, one must be well versed in human rights law, which contains various strains, but one must also hold complete knowledge of international law, which is itself a huge undertaking. Making this transition back to a rigorous school setting definitely lurks in the back of my mind, especially having already adjusted to a work setting.
Ultimately, I feel like the work I am conducting with Good Work Network now will prepare well for law school and a career as a lawyer. I know that working with clients is important in both fields. Nonprofit work is great because you are able to see your work you do have a direct and immediate impact. I anticipate that, while it may take longer due to law processes, my law career will prove similar in having a long-lasting impact on those I will help. I feel that no matter where I end up, that that will be my goal.



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