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“How do I say good bye” I have found it hard to formulate the words to say good bye to President Obama and the first family. I can recall 11/4/2008 so clear, my 15-year-old self, climbed into my parent’s bed to join them in watching CNN report on the election, as midnight approached they announced that Sen. Barack Obama would be the 44th president of United States. A life moment that will last with me until death. This moment will lead me into many different area of leadership as grew from that young teen into a young adult.

During sophomore year of college, a 19-year-old eager to get involved as much as possible. As vice president of our NAACP college chapter we held campus wide voter registration drives. I got involved with the local Orangeburg NAACP brunch to organize and get community members registered to vote in the upcoming elections. I was a young man who had never voted in a presidential election before and I was ready to jumped into action to ensure that everyone had the opportunity to vote. As I joined in with the rest of the University and the Orangeburg community during a campus wide election watch party I witness Pres. Obama be reelected for a 2nd term. The feeling in the gym that night was amazing students, administrators, and the local community cried out tears of joy.

I have had so many opportunities to watch Pres. Obama speak in person and I can’t forget the opportunity to party with Barack and Michelle during CBCF week (it was lit!) It’s has been a great 8 years and I say thank you Pres. Obama, your cabinet for the leadership, and thank you the first family for share your husband and father with us. We witness family vacations, first jobs, college acceptance and so much more. I look forward to the future work that will come next and maybe I will gain the opportunity to even work for the Obama Foundation some day!



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