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Depending on One Another

In November, I started to really think about our cohort and the relationships I have formed during the past few months. I began to realize that we all have to depend on each other in certain ways for us all to succeed. I have always prided myself on the fact that I am independent and do not need help from others. But with the limited financial resources we have been allocated, it seems more necessary to rely upon one another than not. Whether it is being able to borrow a cup of sugar or being able to vent to someone about work-related issues, this built-in support system has had such a positive impact on my experience. It helps knowing that many of my fellow VISTAs are experiencing the same frustrations as I am. It definitely has changed the way I look at being independent and the value of friendship. I also am learning the value of collaboration at work. When my Executive Director retired at the end of October, she had lunch and said that one of the most important aspects of her career was collaboration. This struck me as interesting as she began her career as a CPA and was heavily involved with the finances of the nonprofit. She urged me never to reinvent the wheel but rather find someone who has the wheel rolling and help them to improve the wheel itself so that both of you can benefit from a better product. I hope to use her wisdom in guiding my efforts within my organization.



This entry was posted on February 2, 2017 by in VISTA Field Reports.


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