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A Tough Transition – September 2016

After being an intern at Global Green, transitioning to a full time position was going to be a challenge. What was more challenging, however, was fitting in to a national nonprofit as an AmeriCorps VISTA. Distinguishing myself as more than an intern took time and I had to prove that I was capable of taking on tasks that held weight in the organization.

This is what the majority of my first two months as a VISTA thus far have consisted of. To be able to successfully work toward the VISTA mission of alleviating poverty by building capacity within my organization I needed to work harder than I ever had before to prove that my skills were what the organization needed to move forward. This meant that I had my hands in a lot of different projects and found myself trying to figure out where to focus my energy. As I have moved through these past couple of months, I have worked toward finding my place as a full time member of the organization and letting everyone know, not just my local coworkers, that I am here because I care about Global Green and I want to help us move forward.

At the same time, though, I found myself questioning what “building capacity” means in a national non-profit that has been around for 20 years. We have such a strong team with so many different strengths, I wondered sometimes where I was going to fit in and how big of an impact I could have. As an environmental non-profit, we are working against a lot of factors, whether that be convincing people that sustainability is important or finding funding in a sometimes-oversaturated pool of applicants. These challenges are some that I hope to work through and help Global Green push past. As I continue my term and my time at Global Green, I will work to figure out how we can stand out as an organization and how I can be a part of that.



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