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Building New Orleans Now!

On Friday December 9th, 2016 Project Homecoming hosted our 4th Annual Homecoming Affair, Building New Orleans Now Holiday Gala. This year we celebrated the evolving landscape of New Orleans by highlighting the shift from immediate disaster relief to community development. What that means is that instead of only focusing on immediate rebuilding (ie. gutting homes, clearing lots and trash, etc) we are starting to look at what is around those gutted homes we are rebuilding. Schools, places of worship, grocery stores, corner stores, shops, and community.

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New Orleans is a special place with a special vibe. Before the storm each neighborhood had their own shops and community. Folks could step outside and walk tot he corner to get the paper, a pack of gum, or a soda. Today, in many neighborhoods, that is still not possible. The shops are empty…windows boarded up,and lots overgrown, access to fresh food is very limited and groceries are difficult to get to, and schools, places of worship, and theaters are still standing (perhaps a bit crookedly) dark. So, as a continually growing organization, we have the opportunity to help move forward, to Build New Orleans Now and contribute to  giving this city a chance to once again thrive, not just in the tourist spots, but in the heart of what makes New Orleans home. Through home ownership opportunities for low to moderate income first time home buyers, training local un/under employed locals in the art of residential construction, and our foundation of helping low income elderly home owners return home Project Homecoming continues to look to the future.

In the end, the months of planning, countless phone calls, late nights, and DIY crafting projects paid off! We, with the help of our amazing sponsors and contributors, raised over $8,000.00 in unrestricted funding! More importantly though, we threw a really great party.


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2 comments on “Building New Orleans Now!

  1. Emery Graham
    January 3, 2017

    Wonderful post Sara. I really appreciate your using my photos in one of the slideshows in this publication. I met with the small business owner who donated the mardi gras mask. You worked pretty hard on getting them as a sponsor. I referred her to DJ re helping to organize a Oak St. business improvement group.

  2. Jack Styczynski
    January 3, 2017

    First one I ever missed! Looks like a great time. Congrats on the haul.

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