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unCommon Construction Blog #4


The card from the Apprentices at unCommon Construction

This past Saturday, December 17th, unCommon Construction had its last build day of the semester, and to close out the day, we invited members of the community, family, and our partners to come out to site and celebrate the Apprentices’ accomplishments in a “promotion ceremony.”

Each Apprentice received a gift to signify their completion of the semester. First semester Apprentices got a tool belt to wear next semester. Second semester Apprentices got a set of tools with which to fill their tool belt. Third semester Apprentices earned a tool bucket and more tools, and the one Apprentice who has been with the organization from the start received steel-toed boots. I really like how well thought out the gifts were, and how there was a clear progression signifying expertise level. For instance, next semester, new Apprentices will know returning Apprentices by their tool belt: a symbol of their previous experience.

I also got a gift, but it was from the Apprentices themselves. I was presented with a greeting card that each Apprentice signed with a personal note. I didn’t read it until after the ceremony, but admittedly, it made me feel really good to receive their sentiments. The comments range from “thanks for the experience very funny dude lol” to “I’m so happy that you joined uCC, you have made this job so much more fun. My personal favorites though are “Dream do come true, adapt but never change,” and “you so young and you know what you want to do with your life already I want to be like you.” (LOL I wish that was true!)

I’m really impressed by a lot of the things these high school students do, but I think the fact that they organized to go out, purchase a card, and then write thoughtful notes for each of our staff people is really special. I’m pretty certain no one told them to do this.

This also reminds me of all the thank you notes I’ve written to volunteers and donors, and that hopefully we have made them feel something like what I’m feeling now.


The Attendees from uCC’s Promotion Ceremony



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  1. Emery Graham
    December 21, 2016

    You’ve experienced the teacher’s reward; students who share their feelings of appreciation and affection for you and the experiences they shared with you. Keep up the good work Stephen.

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