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Back in the Saddle

Soooo, after getting a metaphorical kick in the pants from Emery about these blog posts, I’ve returned from my hiatus, a prodigal daughter, her head hung in shame. Well, not shame really. Indifference? Apathy to bureaucracy?

Well, whatever the case, I present some thoughts I’ve been having, some pretty darn recent (within the past 48 hours or so) and some from a couple months ago. Without further ado (before I say adieu):

Stream of Consciousness part 227:

  1. Have been experimenting with using my prints/art as a grassroots fundraiser for various organizations I think are doing good work (Standing Rock’s Legal Defense Fund, Planned Parenthood, and Black Lives Matter are the ones I’m focusing on right now) and it’s been really exciting! It’s cool to have other people excited about what your hands and brain and heart put out into the world, to connect with someone else over something I care deeply about. And so far we’ve raised a net $175 in two days! Which is awesome! I’m wondering, though, some questions about fundraising:                         -Right now, I’ve only been advertising on Facebook, Instagram, and a social network that’s part of Oberlin (called Switchboard, which is kind of like a classifieds website or Craigs list but for only Oberlin current students or alums). How can I spread this campaign further than my own small network? And how do I make this more sustainable? I’ve heard of art subscription services (like with Blue Heart or Just Seeds) but seems a little inaccessible (although $25 for a print or any kind of artwork is still really cheap). I’ve also been wondering which is better: giving money to large, movement building, national/international organizations or smaller, more local organizations? I guess that answer just depends on the organization.

2 comments on “Back in the Saddle

  1. Emery Graham
    December 8, 2016

    Get your head up. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. It’s a fair representation of your VISTA experience.

  2. Emery Graham
    December 3, 2016

    Glad you decided to re-engage the challenge of writing about the smart ideas you’ve generated to put some power behind your commitment to your values and volunteer efforts. You’re one of the more advanced volunteers that’s decided to start raising money to fund your value interests; kinda like Citizens United technology used for liberal ideas. I think your willingness to engage the market place as the source of support is a testament to the sustainable fundraising concept; the market place dynamic is essential to sustainability. There’s even a Sec. 501c tax status to encourage such efforts.

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