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unCommon Construction Blog #3

Hi readers,

I don’t feel like I have to much to share since my previous blog post, despite it being over a month ago. I spent a lot of November preparing for our year-end fundraising push. I attended a training with Nora from The Funding Seed, and learned there that over 30% of all charitable giving takes place in the final month of each year, and 12% happens in the last 72 hours of the year. I think that’s crazy. If anything, that’s proof that many people give for the tax write-offs rather than other reasons. Regardless, from the organizational standpoint, the best we can do is make it as easy to donate while blasting potential donors with as many reminders and “asks” as possible. To quote Nora from the training, “the number one reason people give is because you asked them.”

With that in mind, today is #givingtuesday, and I am sitting in a Starbucks in New York City (right across the street from Trump Hotel) and trying to do just that: spreading the word through all our online channels. I’ve also learned a bit about how to succeed at each different social media platform and how they’re all unique in the way an organization must engage on them.

Facebook: This is for the most part the organization’s online “landing page.” People will go to the Facebook page to learn about the organization’s mission and what they doing and with whom. Facebook’s a great place to post weekly videos/photos and crossposted content from Instagram. I like Facebook because of the convenient sharing feature so others can spread our content.

Instagram: I view Instagram as a kind of gallery for the organization. The Instagram feed should be a collection of carefully selected and branded photos that should define the org’s online image. At least for me, when I view the Instagram of another organization, I immediately get an impression of them based on the quality and “thoughtfulness” of the photos shared.

Twitter: Twitter I still haven’t completely wrapped my head around. Whereas on the other two platforms an organization hosts a page with content for visitors to learn about them, it seems like organizations use Twitter to join in conversations and spread the word through interjection. This means retweeting, replying, quoting anything relevant to the organization’s mission/values, to get on the radar of anyone who can support and further the reach and connection of the organization. Whereas on Facebook and Instagram you might want to post one or two select things a day, the most effective use of Twitter is frequent, short, and sweet posts.

Snapchat: Who knows.

Those are at least my impressions of the platforms and how I have been trying to use them for unCommon Construction.

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One comment on “unCommon Construction Blog #3

  1. Emery Graham
    November 29, 2016

    Good insights Stephen. Consider using your donor contacts to build a giving clock that reminds your donors of the annual giving cycle. Fill in the giving awareness gap with your messages throughout the year with an increase in frequency as you come to the year’s end.

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