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So, What Does it Take to be Community?

New Orleans is a vibrant city! After being here for just a couple days, I recognized that it was full of great entertainment, a friendly demeanor, and great food. Like most cities, although it has its problems.


The Blue House (Central City)

Recently, I attended a community meeting at The Blue House. Every Thursday, The Blue House host morning discussions known ad FIKA to address different topics and issues in New Orleans and here from different organizations that want to share what they are doing at the organizations with other people. This past week, there was a discussion about Fight for $15, a national movement to make the minimum wage a livable.

On Nov 3rd, I attended PitchNOLA 2016. This social innovation competition focused on education in New Orleans. The audience heard from education entrepreneurs who were their working to improve NOLA’s educational system.

At both events, I was in a room filled with people who were passionate about having a community in the New Orleans where people would thrive and have a strong community to fall back on  through education, business start ups, and mentorship. Being in the presence of all those people made the experience genuine. Every community must be able to address the good and the bad.


PitchNOLA 2016


So, what does it take to be a community? I believe that there needs to be individuals in a community that can lead discussions about the community’s issues. There needs to be a stream of ideas for physical and emotional growth. I believe there needs to be spaces in the neighborhood that allows for open dialogue. A community need on financial resources.

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About Brianna Cunningham

Brianna Cunningham is a graduate of Bucknell University. She majored in Sociology & English Literary-Studies. She spent her first year of VISTA at Stay Local and is currently a second year VISTA at NetWork Volunteers.


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