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Field Report: Second Harvest Food Bank

If May was a breeze than June was a burn. Boy did the sun make an appearance this month and it wasn’t even a full month of summer. There were a lot of hic-ups with the water in systems. One of the towers was blown over and caused a lot of water to evaporate so there were a number of plants that died. The towers that weren’t knocked over still loss most of their water too in the same weekend. The plants in the mobile farm wall dried out towards the end of the month because the replenishment tank wasn’t turned on. All of that just means there is something new to learn. Even though I have been managing the garden since the fall, each season presents it’s unique set of challenges.  The summer brings the heat so watering schedule changes and how well the plants thrive. There were a lot of cool weather crops planted in the spring and winter which was fine, but they were allowed to be carried over in to the summer which isn’t so fine. They need a lot of water because their heat tolerance isn’t as high as summer crop and bugs are loving the out of season option. Having a diverse set of plants help but I know for future reference that I will be wiser as to which leafy greens I allow to grow in the summer. The sweet potatoes, onions, basil, chervil, fennel, tomatoes and peppers are doing really well.

Also there has been a lot of work now towards focusing on educational material. Since we are nearing the end of my term of service, I want to make sure capacity building gets the attention it deserves. After having meetings with key staff, it seems like I have a clear direction.



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