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Field Report: Second Harvest Food Bank

May has been a pretty smooth month. Now that gleaning has died down I have been able to focus more on the garden and capacity building.  Before it was a challenge to manage both because they were equally demanding once November came around. I have been able to do more research that will be used for educational material that we develop. I have been able to be apart of more meetings to understand the direction of second harvest, which has helped me figure out what initiatives to promote that would make for effective capacity building.

As far as the garden goes, another system has been installed. I had been working on the assembly of it for a while but I wasn’t able to complete it till this month. It seems to be well received. Seems like the system will be more challenging to maintain during the summer since it sits closer to the sun and has more water exposed to the elements, but it’s serving its purpose. The plants seem to be growing really well in the system.

We will receive donated tower gardens soon so that will help expand our project. The idea behind it will be that the towers are grown using nutrients directly supplied from the fish tank. It’s important that we have a coupled system because that is what we originally proposed for our grant. It requires more fish to supply the nutritional needs of the plants and more fish food for the additional mouths to feed. Originally we had over 100 fish but when the spring came we suffered a loss. The spring brought along diseases and our UV filter failed on us so we lost a fair amount.  The survivors are thriving and getting bigger. I’m looking forward to seeing how things develop.



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