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Highlights Two Months In

I feel like these past two months have kinda sped by. Some highlights:

VISTA and City Center (more on that below) related news:

-Tulane City Center  changed its name from Tulane City Center to (see if you can say this all in one breath) The Albert Jr. and Tina Small City Center at Tulane School of Architecture. Whew. Quite the mouthful. We’re still brainstorming ways to talk about the City Center in shorthand. Bonus (for me): I got to design a new logo for the City Center using the new name! Fun to play around with stuff like that, especially because I don’t have that much experience with logo design.

-On this past Wednesday, April 27th, the City Center’s design/build studio for the spring semester finished renovating the Community Book Center on Bayou Road! We had a two big reviews that day: first the design review, composed of TSA faculty, and then the community review, which consisted of other business owners on Bayou Road, neighbors, and friends of Vera, who owns the Community Book Center.

Non-VISTA related news:

-Feeling so thankful and lucky to have this support group built into the program! It’s been really great to have a group of people who I consider my friends who both support me emotionally, and also challenge me intellectually (from figuring out how to apply restorative approaches to different conflicts, to analyzing and examining how Eve Ensler’s The Vagina Monologues focuses on womanhood defined by white cis-women.) Pretty awesome — thanks y’all 🙂

-Also feeling lucky to get the chance to hear so much amazing music that exists in this city! (Jazzfest, Wednesdays at the Square, Frenchmen — I’m talking to you). I’ve been able to discover a lot of different artists who I would normally have to pay exorbitant amounts of money to go see.



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