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Field report: June-BIA

June was a relatively busy month for me because of all the changes that appeared to be occurring simultaneously.  As I mentioned last month, the food coordinators will be taking on a more prominent role at the pantry as my VISTA term draws to a close. So, I spent a lot of time in May updating protocols and other educational material that I will be leaving behind. I also updated my sustainability binder and shared it with the AmeriCorps VISTA that will be assisting with some of the task I worked on during my VISTA year.

Further, I was required to complete the aforementioned task while working on several new 5kprojects which include the following: Broadmoor 5k Committee planning and recruitment, Arts and Wellness Center Rental Outreach, and Teaching Kitchen program development. June also marked the beginning of the re-certification period for our pantry clients and a temporary change in  pantry hours  in order to accommodate the Gloria Day Summer Camp. Considering all this, the tasks set before me seemed a little daunting at first. However, I was able to manage the tasks in a timely manner all while being sure to create a schedule and list my priorities for the day.

I am happy to share that I am making progress on the different tasks that I have been assigned and am feeling more accomplished as I near the end of my VISTA term. Especially, considering the fact that my Wellness VISTA role will be merging with the Community Organizer VISTA role. I am excited about what’s to come in my life (medical school!) and the next steps that my organization is taking.



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