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The Eden House Revolution

This month I had the privilege of watching our newest resident graduate from our


Vision boards at ARRNO

Intensive Outpatient Therapy program at Addiction Recovery Resources. It was such an
amazing moment hearing other individuals in the program talk about what an inspiration this resident is. In the office, I only get to see so much and what I do see from this resident is often just smiles. But in this small community graduation, I learned more about her inner struggle, her insecurities, and her dreams of being an advocate for vulnerable populations.

But even now I can see her struggle with her past, a struggle many residents grapple with. Which begs the question: How do we move forward? And what does it mean to recover?

On International Women’s Day, Eden House was invited to attend a nola4women event at the Ashe Cultural Center. This event was the kick-off and introduction to a Global Summit focusing on the struggle women and girls’ face in today’s world (to take place in 2017).


 I started to think about the ways nola4women is trying to move forward from the oppression of women in relation to how Eden House residents are looking to move forward from their traumatic histories. So I started to think about what a “global summit” for the residents would look like.

While nola4women’s summit will focus on creative  initiatives for empowerment taking place around the world and how these initiatives can be adapted to our local communities, I think the personal summit for these women rests in the radical belief that they are worthy of being loved and the radical act of loving themselves.


Quote by Nayyirah Waheed

A theme here at Eden House is “love heals”. In the beginning of my year, I took this to mean that what these women need is someone to love them and show them love. This is still true, but I think showing these women love is just the catalyst to true healing, leading to that moment when they can say they love themselves.


“[The selling of myself didn’t stop] until I stopped.”


P.S. Thank you to Professor Clum’s Public Health and Sexual Violence class for the household goods! And thank you to the donor who shared her birthday with the ladies of Eden House!



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