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Field Report: Second Harvest Food Bank

This month has been a roller coaster and I wasn’t here for almost half of the month. With spring being here, the trees are staring to flower in preparation of next season’s harvest so really no more citrus. Though some trees still have had fruit on them, it’s been a challenge to get to them because of the rain and heat that comes along with this season. It has been a bit risky to try to have volunteers out gleaning so we had to call the season to a close for the most part and focus more on the farm at the warehouse. It was a fitting end after reaching the milestone of 10000lbs for the season. There still will be some gleanings that will be going on like for blueberries and watermelon but none in the trees.

The spring challenges did not end with the gleaning, but also impacted what was going on at the farm. While I was gone on my honeymoon, we lost all of our fish. I’ll spare most of the details but know it ended up being a blessing in disguise. This season brings along a host of diseases that harm the fish and the fish got really stressed. One of the airlifts malfunctioned and created much needed fertilizer. I was able to learn how to harvest that effectively as a result of the equipment failure. I also was really encouraged at that point to make sure I let more people know about how to handle an emergency like that so we don’t have to experience loss like that again if just a few people aren’t here. The weather effected not just the fish but the towers too. The water was used up quicker than usual while I was away so plants were looking pretty wilted. So I will be working on educating more staff and volunteers on how to handle that situation appropriately.



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