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Field Report: Second Harvest Food Bank

12628474_1055773044481843_910087080867204238_oHello! February marks the beginning of the end of a long and fruitful citrus season. We have reached a harvest total of over 7ooo lbs (7679 to be exact) and look to get about 10000. There has been a lot of grapefruit to harvest because it seems to be the fruit many people can’t eat or just flat out won’t eat. I however have grown an appreciation for it since I have had to pick it so much in these past months. I have learned that there’s just something different about having a freshly picked grapefruit and that just because it’s ugly on the outside, doesn’t mean it won’t taste good! Still with that being said though, we’re just glad owners like the one above have chosen to donate their fruit and support our initiative.


Since I’ve had to be outside a lot, I have been able to see a lot of interesting homes, plants & people. I really appreciate the exposure I have been able to get from working with the preservation society, to a historic house museum to B&B’s. There is a lot to learn and gain from interacting with all the tree owners and volunteers. It’s nice to be around a variety of people that want to give. & As far as hydroponics go, things have been going pretty smoothly.We now have 150 Catfish fingerlings and they are all alive thankfully! I found that the first batch had died before I even got to see them, but this time was different. I had to drive out to a farm out in Mississippi to pick up the fingerlings and they have been under my stewardship since. There’s definitely more pressure to do my part to keep them alive and healthy till it’s time for harvest but I feel like that can be done.



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