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Field Report: Broadmoor Improvement Association

It’s almost spring in New Orleans and that means..festival season! The festivals in NOLA range from highlighting homegrown food and talents (ie French Quarter Festival ) to showcasing local and  internationally-acclaimed talented artists (New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Fest). Some of the festivals can be a little pricey but there are also a good amount of free festivals that can accommodate the most modest of budgets.

Besides festival season, spring is also a time of the year in which my organization hosts its annual fundraiser Metamorphosis. The goal of this fundraiser is to honor the past by highlighting the Broadmoor Improvement Association’s history of involvement in the Broadmoor community, celebrating the present activities, services, and support offered by the BIA and residents of Broadmoor, and envision the future of organization in Broadmoor.

The Metamorphosis planning committee is still hard at work coordinating the fine minor and major details. The event will take place on Saturday, April 16th, 2016 from 7pm to 11pm and will feature a live performance by Charmaine Neville and local cuisine from restaurants in Broadmoor and throughout New Orleans. I am looking forward to the event and I am excited to see all of the hard work put into action. 

In addition to serving on the Metamorphosis committee, I have been working with several staff member and board members to transition the pantry to full choice as spoke about in my previous blog. I am excited to say that as of Wednesday, March 2nd, the pantry has been operating as a full choice pantry. The change has been well received by our clients and volunteers alike. Of course the system is not perfect so we are making changes here and there as we go along. The method we chose to implement was the table method. With this system,we place items out in different categories on the table and volunteers assist clients in selecting the amount of items they receive from each category based on the amount of people in their household. 


Choice set-up at the Broadmoor Food Pantry.



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