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Field Report: Second Harvest Food Bank


So this month we hit the 4 thousand pound mark. To be exact, January ended with 4380 lbs of fruit being collected and it is only increasing. I appreciate being able to supply people in the community with food that would otherwise go to waste.I was surprised at how things have been picking up, but when I think about it, it makes sense. The winter is the prime time for citrus fruit to come into season, the fruit tree project being officially adopted by second harvest food bank & having me in a clarion herald article resulted in a lot of people reaching out to me. It was a huge shift from what I was getting used to but I appreciated that more and more people were supporting the initiative.12646823_1059498894109258_1098288573681924062_o

My mom came down to visit this month and I had her help gleaning with me for a couple of days so that was nice. She seemed to enjoy her experience as do many others that have gleaned with me.I’m glad people and work with me and end up feeling like they had an enjoyable fulfilling experience.

This with the aquaponics initiative have also picked up. In February we will finally have catfish in the fish tank. In the meantime there has been plenty of things to set up in the meantime while we wait. Raised beds have to be assembled to border the plot we will grow on, more hydropoinc towers will have to be built and placed outside, new batches of seedlings need to be planted, more equipment needs to be placed outside and alterations need to be made to things we have outside to make the set up look clean. It was definitely a season of direct service and I wasn’t sitting down in my office much. I can only imagine how February will be. Oh yeah and a lot of pruning.





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