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The mission of Eden House is to end human and sex trafficking one woman at a time. We empower women to transform their lives through the healing power of life in community. Eden House does this by providing a safe home, coordinating recovery services, and through advocacy, outreach, education, and love.

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It struck me this month how young Eden House still is as an organization; and how, just like an infant, it is is constantly and consistently undergoing major changes to become a great nonprofit. Just before I started here, Eden House adopted a new logo–one that is much stronger than the original and better represents the women that come into our program. And this month at our Board Meeting, our new mission statement was finalized and approved.

This was also an exciting time for human trafficking in the U.S. In the last few years, trafficking has been a hot topic, and awareness has spread of domestic trafficking as a prominent issue. In the last week of February, our co-founder and Board President, Kara Van de Carr, moderated a panel at the Human Trafficking Symposium, hosted by the McCain Institute in Washington, D.C. This was a great opportunity to let others know what we do at Eden House to fight to end human and sex trafficking and to get connected with organizations that are doing similar work across the country. A big thank you, then, must go out to Cindy McCain who has taken an interest in this cause and has created a platform for awareness.

This month Eden House also showed our support for the End It Movement on Shine a LightIMG_20160225_133636 on Slavery Day, February 25th. On this day, individuals are asked to draw a red x on your hand a post it on social media. It is one of those campaigns that many look at and wonder what it actually does to help end slavery. But campaigns like this can teach us one very important thing: that small actions can make a big difference. Drawing a red x on your hand is a small action and it may seem meaningless, but it creates a network of awareness. Awareness means nothing without action, but it is important to have this first step.

Nothing will happen just because we are aware; but nothing will ever happen if we are not aware.

One of the questions we get is why we do tours. We provide tours for this very reason: because we want to create a network of awareness of domestic sex trafficking and what we at Eden House are doing to end this exploitation of women. Because nothing will change unless we all realize that sex trafficking is not just a problem abroad and that it happens in our own communities. (If you would like to attend a tour of Eden House, please visit our website for details!)


P.S. Thank you to the community member who donated lovely Valentine’s Day inspired pillow cases and to the beautiful women of Centenary Methodist Church who brought quilts to our ladies on their visit from Franklinton, LA. Thank you also to the Meadowood Baptist Church from Amory, Mississippi who came to do top-to-bottom house repairs.



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