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As I’ve mentioned in my previous post I am participating in two CPS led workshop series. The first one is led by Tom Chapel, the Chief Evaluation Officer of the CDC. The public health geek in me jumped to the first opportunity to participate in the professional development workshop. The purpose of this workshop is to create a roadmap and logistical model for our organizations to help us discover the best ways to plan, evaluate, and measure performance.



Above are ways to create a logistical model: Roadmap according to the CDC and Tom Chapel’s instructions, so if any VISTAs or community organizations want to learn more about the process visit the CDC’s page.

This was a good way for me to start into planning our monitoring and evaluation model.

The next series of workshop is the CPS Community Engaged Research Institute in which community members and thought partners (mostly academic researchers) are working together to learn how to and propose research proposals that focus on the community needs rather than the researcher’s questions.

Community Engaged Research is a collaborative process between the community and the researcher where together they decide what kind of research they will do, how they will ask the questions and the methodology, as well as how to disseminate the materials with the communities concerns in mind. This kind of research allows for a long lasting trusting relationship. Once the research project is done the relationship remains. This differentiates from Traditional Research (clinical research) because in traditional research the relationships end with the study. What had been really interesting about this research institute is learning about all the work that other community members are doing and how organizations work overlap with each other.

However, this has definitely reinforced my desire to pursue a dual MD/MPH degree and helps highlight my interests in community health and advocacy. This is what this year was about to explore my passions and find out what I truly want to work for in the future. So my best advice for members of the community is attend free workshops, free professional development opportunities etc… you can never gain too much knowledge.


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