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Field Report: Louisiana Center for Children’s Rights

When I lived in New York, February was the worst.  You’ve already lived through several months of winter, it feels like it should be over, and then BAM it gets worst.  It’s cold and dark and everyone is grumpy.  Bleak, bleak February.

Not so in New Orleans!  At the beginning of the month, my best friend came down to visit and we thoroughly enjoyed our first Mardi Gras experience together.  As soon as she left, my parents came to see my new home and were delighted by the food, music, and mild weather.  Sweet, sweet February.

Work has also been exciting this month.  We hired a consultant to work on a long-term communications plan for LCCR, but because our immediate needs are so great, she decided to work on our Raise the Age campaign with us.  She’s partially responsible for the big event we’re putting on in April, Louisiana Youth Justice Day, and particularly for finding and training the people who can talk about their own experiences with being prosecuted as an adult at the age of 17.

It’s been nothing but a joy working with her.  She has decades of communications experience with non-profits and community organizers, and has truly taken me under her wing.  I’ve been teaching myself about communications, but now I have someone who I can bounce ideas off of and collaborate with on this massive project.  I am thrilled to be working with her.

And it is a lot of work.  We’re bringing close to 200 young people to the capitol for Youth Justice Day, where we’ll hold a press conference and youth rally before students are able to meet with their legislators.  I’m working on our media list and press relationships as we try to get op-eds and articles published about the campaign.  I’ll be setting up radio and TV appearances for staff members, who our consultant and I will arm with talking points and train to speak to the media.  And of course I will continue to be responsible for our social media and monthly newsletters.

I am excited that we finally have some momentum going on this project.  March will likely be a month full of late nights and working weekends, but I’m looking forward to doing this right – and having a partner to do it with.



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