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Field Report January-BIA, Gordon

This year started off with a hurried pace. As cliche as it sounds, the new year has indeed brought about many changes. The BIA recently received two new interns from the Tulane School of Social Work (MSW), the format of the pantry may be changing soon, and I will be supervising a Tulane Undergraduate student. We also have fundraisers and a few collaborations with the city and community organizations in the works arranged for the near future.

I’ve been assisting the BIA in training the MSW interns and I am currently creating orientation documents and welcome material for my own intern. The process is new to me but I am adjusting and learning a great deal of information. 

With that said, I am excited to begin this new chapter in the second half of my term as VISTA. To start this year off, our team set goals during our first staff meeting of the year. We set both personal/professional goals and “Big Goals” for the year. We set our “Big Goals” using the SMART method which stands for 1) Specific 2) Measurable 3) Action-oriented 4) Realistic and Relevant 5) Time-bound.  The purpose of doing this exercise was to not only streamline our individual foci but also identify common themes among our individual goals and work towards achieving these goals as a team.


This term is not a sprint race! AFP PHOTO / JOE KLAMAR

I still have a good amount of work left that I would like to accomplish before the end of my term as an AmeriCorps VISTA fellow. However, with the support of the BIA staff members and my VISTA team I feel very comfortable achieving what I set out to accomplish this year. Even though the year seems to be passing by quickly, I realize that it is more akin to a long distance run than a sprint race. So I am taking my time and making sure that I invest quality work into all my projects. 

On another note, I would like to thank all of the community members, university students, university faculty and staff members for committing to the MLK week of Peace Service Day on Saturday, January 23rd,2016.  The Broadmoor Improvement Association hosted 24 volunteers representing Tulane University, Loyola University, Xavier University, UNO, and the Tulane AmeriCorps VISTA program. The volunteers assisted our organization in picking up trash throughout the neighborhood.  Check out our volunteers in the photos below:

IMG_7959 (1)

VISTAs at work in Broadmoor! Angellica Gordon(left) and Renee Sladja (right)


Volunteers at MLK Week of Peace Service Day at the Broadmoor Arts and Wellness Center



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