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Field Report: BIA February 2016

Early February is Mardi Gras season in NOLA! I was so excited to have the opportunity to enjoy the parades, king cake, and Mardi Gras festivities. Mardi Gras was Tuesday, February 9th and with hard work and determination, I made the early morning trek to Zulu this year!  However, before I could play, I made sure that all my affairs, personal and professional  were in order.

Amazingly, a good amount of businesses and schools close as early as a week before Mardi Gras. So if one does not act early, it is easy to miss a lot of great opportunities. More importantly, getting a head start on work and assignments is essential so that the workload after the holidays isn’t too overwhelming.


Example of a choice pantry’s produce section. Image from http://www.instituteccd.org/

After all the excitement and fun of Mardi Gras, I immediately jumped back into the swing of things at work. We have decided to revamp the Broadmoor Food Pantry and eventually convert it to a fully “choice system.” A choice system can be described as a model of emergency food distribution that provides clients with the opportunity to select their own food. We are switching to this system of food distribution because we would like to provide pantry with clients with food items they truly desire. Additionally, the choice system format provides clients with a sense of agency and control.


Mardi Gras day at Zulu


Zulu Queen




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