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Second Harvest Food Bank: Field Report


December was the beginning of a series of jam packed weeks. Second Harvest officially announced that the Fruit Tree Project has been adopted as their initiative and has gotten a lot of people’s attention. So with more people aware of our work and more fruit ready to be pick, my hands quickly got full. It has forced me to get better with my organizational skills because I am having to do a lot of direct services at takes me away from my indirect service work. I had to work a lot during the holiday break because there are more volunteers available and have had to become more flexible. DSC_0086I do appreciate the challenge though because it is helping me become more well rounded and consistent. I have also started using a personal camera more so you can expect to see more photos posted that I have taken with it.

There isn’t fish in the tank right now but things are still coming along. We have a revised plan for the lay out and should have a very promising January.

We also have be developing a stronger relationship with the Crescent City farmers market. The food we have collected from the market was well received. I’m glad we have started expanding our efforts to reduce the amount of food waste in America. I was informed by our CEO a while back that logistics was one of the biggest issues related to food waste and could be the tool to make hunger no longer an issue. Hopefully the efforts at the food bank are noticed, adopted & expanded. I will keep you all updated on how our programs develop.




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