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Field Report: Louisiana Public Health Institute – Jackie Hammers-Crowell

I’m spending my year working at the Louisiana Public Health Institute. As you can see, our offices are right across the street from the Superdome. We take up an entire floor at 1515 Poydras, so if you snapped a photo from each of the exterior rooms, you’d have a panoramic view of the Crescent City. The conference room nearest my office has a view that Saints fans especially would enjoy.


The view from the  conference room nearest my office.

LPHI is an organization that works to improve the health of people across Louisiana and the Gulf Coast, through a variety of programs. From tobacco-free living to HIV/AIDS de-stigmatization and clinical transformation to healthy communities, LPHI is working on a host of initiatives to give us all better lives through better health. As you walk the halls of our office, you can see a variety of posters, articles and awards that reflect the hard work people are putting in, day after day and year after year, to make Louisiana healthier.


Just a few of the awards received by LPHI in recent years.

This is the first time LPHI has had a VISTA, so we’re still determining my proper workload and roles. One thing LPHI wants to improve this year is communication between different parts of the company and I definitely get to help with that. Thus far, it is planned that I will:

  • Work on a grant database to make it easier to know who is applying, what is due, deadlines and the status of money already requested.
  • Research how people relocate when their homes are destroyed by natural or manmade disasters. This information could be helpful in planning how to respond to land loss in Louisiana’s wetlands.
  • Serve on teams creating information/data repositories that can allow our employees and outside partners to streamline their work and use one another’s research to build more of the programs that we need most in Louisiana.
  • Assist with hospital assessments required by the government, which allow them to learn more about how they can improve services to their patients and then draft a manual so interns can perform similar data collection functions.
  • Complete a health information assessment to inform the city about the possible outcomes of some energy updates they are planning.

I’m excited about the work I will be doing and look forward to learning more about all of the projects LPHI is undertaking.


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I'm a wife, a mom, a former foster child, a former foster mom, a shutterbug, a Girl Scout leader and a big fan of muffulettas.


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