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Field Report: Second Harvest Food Bank


Kale seedlings for newman

Kale seedlings for Newman (second set of seedlings we started growing to sell)

There’s been more gleaning going on and more food growing on. As of today 1123 lbs of fruit have been harvested from trees around the city and given to food banks and distribution sites. We also started collecting food at one of the local farmers market and collected 207 lbs of food on our first visit. It seems like it’ll be a promising venture and we will be there again next week.

Orange gleaning in novemeber

Mid November gleaning (200lbs)

It’s been a lot of grapefruit and oranges that have been really tasty. I appreciate being able to do the site visits and try the fruit in order to determine when we should come out there to pick them. Some have been more of a challenge than others because the height varies so much but we have managed to handle the obstacles thus far. I’ll be looking in to taking up an intern soon since the gleaning has been picking up a lot. I feel like this will be great for the sustainability of the project because more community members will be able to take on responsibilities and manage this initiative with little to no supervision.

As far as the aquaponics initiative goes, we are on our second round of crops. I focused on growing more cooking herbs like thyme, parsley, basil & cilantro. We have white onions, green onions, arugula, collards, nasturtiums and swiss chard growing too. I still wanted to make sure that

Arugula harvest

Our first batch of greens for the children’s salads from the new crop. (spicy arugula)

the children were getting greens for their salads but I also wanted to reduce the likelihood of bugs feasting on our plants and cater to what the chefs used most in the kitchen. We are waiting for our fish to come in, but will have to wait till January because of a hic-up that occured not too long ago. Once we have the fence to go around the tank though, I will put more towers outside and other equipment so plants will be growing in the front too.

Second round of growing at about 4 weeks in

Towers before today’s harvest


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