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Field Report: Louisiana Center for Children’s Rights

That’s a wrap!  Last Thursday, we held the closing reception for the Juvenile In Justice exhibit.   Thank you to Dana, Julia, and Sara for your help!

closing reception

I am so grateful for all the wonderful events we were able to host, particularly for high school and college students.  So many of them expressed outrage and sadness, and a strong desire to do something about the injustices they witnessed.  I hope we can harness some of that energy in the coming months and years, particularly for the Juvenile Justice Day we are planning for the spring.

And LCCR was already able to utilize some of the sentiment stirred up by the exhibit.  On November 11th, LCCR held a press conference to urge City Council and the Landrieu administration to remove all children under 18 from the Orleans Parish Prison, New Orleans’ adult jail.  OPP is no place for children – it has been called one of the worst jails in the country and is currently under a federal consent decree for its unconstitutionally cruel conditions.

Rally - Williams

Rally - Chant

By the end of the day, both City Council and the mayor’s office had accepted LCCR’s petition, which had garnered over 1,700 signatures, to remove kids from OPP.  The mayor agreed to fund a small expansion of New Orleans’ juvenile detention facility so that, if kids are to be detained, they can be held safely and legally. You can read more here.

I’m pleased with the media coverage LCCR was able to get of the rally and the issue itself on Nola.com, The Lens, The Advocate, WDSU, and Fox8.

And now I can breathe again.  It’s been strange – but nice – to have a few quiet days in the office to catch up on some organizational matters. I’m looking forward to this long weekend and then on to the next project!




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