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November Field report: Project Homecoming- Sara Skjerli

I cannot believe that it is already November… that means that I have officially been in New Orleans for almost four months. I am happy to report that although I still occasionally get lost driving, I no longer have to turn on my trusty TomTom to get to me to work, the grocery store, TJ Maxx, Tulane’s Campus, or Sydney’s! We have also been exposed to what the South refers to as “Winter”. Which means that the temperature drops below 70 degrees F and the city goes into some sort of hibernation. Winter coats get pulled out, sandals get put away, scarves and hats are now an accessory and if you’re feeling really scandalous the AC gets turned up!

Glamour shot of the VISTA volunteers who helped out at the Greenway Soiree. The Soiree was held at Zulu Social Aid and Pleasure Club on North Broad Street.

But enough about the chill factor, this past month has been extremely busy. A couple of weeks ago the Lafitte Greenway officially opened! The 2.6 mile long bike path and pedestrian trail connects neighborhoods from Armstrong Park to City park and will be a safe and family friendly spot to enjoy a nice bike ride or spend the day picnicking. The same evening Community Partner, Friends of Lafitte Greenway hosted the Greenway Soiree. Some of my fellow VISTA’s and I were lucky enough to be given the opportunity to dress up and spend the night helping out at the event!

A few days later, we had the opportunity to lend a helping hand at another great event hosted by The Urban Conservancy at Carmo. Our fellow VISTA Abigail, who works with Stay Local, asked for some back up and we were once again all to happy to lend a hand!

Emily Wisclo knighting me at the Urban Conservancy Stay Local event at Carmo!

Emily Wisclo knighting me at the Urban Conservancy Stay Local event at Carmo!

The great thing about volunteering at these other events, is that I had the opportunity to check out and take notes on how the Silent Auctions were run. On December 4th, 2015 at People’s Health New Orleans, Jazz Market, Project Homecoming is hosting the 3rd Annual Homecoming Affair: Home for the Holiday’s Gala. This event will feature live music by the New Orleans Jazz Orchestra, craft beer from NOLA Brew, delicious food, and of course a silent auction and raffle! I have been working tirelessly to secure some really great items for our silent auction! For the first time, we are also adding an online portion to our auction! This way folks who are unable to attend the event will still be able to participate and take home a piece of New Orleans! It is going to an awesome event that will help continue the good works Project Homecoming has, is and will accomplish! Website-Banner

Another really great thing Project Homecoming is doing is participating in is the Super Service Challenge! In order to raise some money and continue building new homes for first time low income home buyers as well as help people get back into their homes, we need to secure more funding! Help us out by watching the videos and cast your votes!

Super Service Challenge!!

As always, thank you for your ongoing support! Until next month…




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