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Field Report: Second Harvest Food Bank


New Fish Tank

I know people have been waiting a while for the arrival of the tank and I can finally say it is here! Right now, we are just priming the tank by allowing the bacteria, that will break down the fish waste, to accumulate in the bead filters. We will still need to add an UV filter, cover to the tank & a fence to go around it. Once the fence is in place we will put out the storage shed, additional hydroponic systems and seedlings that I have been growing. It’s funny talking to coworkers about it because most thought it was going to be bigger but the nutrient solution it supplies will be more than enough for the food we intend to grow. It’s taken a while for me to get a large amount of seedlings to grow so I’m glad it’s finally happening.

swiss chard being chopped

Swiss Chard Being Chopped

We have started using Swiss chard in the cold lunch meals for the kids cafe program after one of the volunteers brought it up to me. She assumed that we would and after she made her comment it dawned on me that it made sense to

Jon gleaning persimmon

Jon Gleaning Persimmon

add it to the salads. Originally I did not think about adding it and I didn’t think off kids wanting Swiss chard, but when it’s mixed with other greens, it doesn’t seem to stand out as much.

Also gleaning has picked up so I am receiving more calls about coming out to harvest fruit from people’s trees and have been able to coordinate more volunteers. One of my former supervisors definitely prepared me well do deal with this load. I am grateful I have had so much time to learn about different tools as I waited for gleaning season to pick up. I started off with a pear gleaning in August and a persimmon gleaning in October. Now it’s looking like I’ll have more than a few this month. I’ll keep you all updated.

greens for salads

Greens for salads

tower gardens in late october

Tower gardens in late October

Vistas Serving

VISTAs Serving



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