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Busy Fall for the BIA

We are gearing up for a busy Fall at the Broadmoor Improvement Association with many events and important deadlines on the horizon.  The most anticipated of these events is the renewal of the parcel fee, up for election on November 21st.  In 2010, the Louisiana Legislature designated Broadmoor as a neighborhood improvement district.  This designation allowed for several changes and developments, including the election of a parcel fee by Broadmoor residents.  Residents approved a $100 parcel fee to be collected every year for five years.  Since then, the parcel fee collection has allowed the BIA to complete many wonderful projects for the neighborhood including blight cleanup and the opening of the Arts & Wellness Center among others.

With this big election coming up, the BIA staff has been directing a considerable amount of time and work towards data collection and communications.  We have been particularly focused on effectively and accurately communicating all of our work to the residents of Broadmoor.  For me, this has meant time spent drafting fact sheets, talking points, email broadcasts, and press releases.

I have also been spending a significant amount of time building a membership database.  Although I had started it earlier in the year using Microsoft Excel, I am now working on creating a more robust database using Microsoft Access.  Unfortunately, this is the first time I have attempted to use the software so there has been a steep learning curve.  It has been a learning experience of fiddling and mixing different elements, but a recent breakthrough means that I should make significant headway soon.

Our last Eatmoor in Broadmoor of the year.

Our last Eatmoor in Broadmoor of the year.


Eatmoor in Broadmoor



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