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Field Report: Second Harvest Food Bank

Lettuce from first big harvest

Lettuce from first big harvest

There has been a decent amount of activity going on at Second Harvest Food Bank even with the absence of the first tank, which should arrive next week. Earlier this month, we started adding the red cherokee lettuce to the salad mix that the children receive as apart of their cold lunch on Fridays. We have done this two times and the plan is to harvest half of what is ready so the greens can be an addition to the children’s salad every Friday.

We have had a lot of tours this month and just a couple of days ago we had people from the food bank convention tour our site. We were able to educate a lot of people on whatwas being done at the food bank, why

Tower before first heavy tower

Tower before first heavy tower

we were doing it, and how individuals could do something similar for themselves. I was able to network and talk to a lot of people. I even let them sample some of the greens but as usual, very few people liked the strong iron taste in the swiss chard. It goes to show you what nutrients we are missing in the grocery stores because the taste isn’t that strong in the store bought variety. You also get a lot of water from it which helps you feel full longer.

Updated tower image with previous Kale removed and one's from my office transplanted.

Updated tower image with previous Kale removed and one’s from my office transplanted.

We also ended up removing some plants that were struggling and replaced with kale I had in my office that was thriving. Soon the arugula seedlings I am growing in my office will be in the towers. They will be used for the kid’s salads too and maybe even the seniors.

Also the gleaning season has begun. Next week we will go out to harvest persimmons because we were able to get enough on such short notice for Thursday. I stopped by the place to have an idea of the time line we had to work with. I should be going out to that location again next week.

Persimmon harvest

Persimmon harvest



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