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Growing the Greenway

Being a member of a community is a spectacular feeling. Relating to others, making connections, feeling supported. We all go through life feeling like we are different. Finding a group of people that are different in the same way you are can encourage you to keep coming back to that group of people. Gardening is one of these differences. Not everyone enjoys being out in nature or growing their own food. But for those who do, it is an incredible way to connect on other likes and dislikes.


I am a very active member of the New Orleans community and even more specifically, the Friends of Lafitte Greenway community. This is a nonprofit that has advocated for and assisted in the construction of the Lafitte Greenway. A 2.6 mile linear bike path that connects neighborhoods from the French Quarter to City Park. Through years of advocacy Friends of Lafitte Greenway is proud to be the leader in these efforts to transform one of New Orleans’ most historic transportation corridors into a vibrant public space for recreation, transportation, and a model for sustainable revitalization.


One of our most recent initiatives on the greenway has been “Growing the Greenway”. An effort for and by the community to erect a community garden on the Greenway. We have only had two “Growing the Greenway” meetings, but it has proven to be a very inspirational journey thus far. The common desire to create a healthier community through self sustainability, active lifestyles, and healthy eating has been quite apparent.


By creating sub-committees within the “Growing the Greenway” community more voices can be heard and we can accomplish more as a team. A team that is coming together to achieve a common goal, a community garden. Each member is participating for different reasons and has different strengths to offer to this community so it is important to give each of them a chance to shine and have their voices heard. As any community, we face tough decisions and must work together, as a team, to overcome any difficulties we encounter. I am excited to see how this community grows together to create positive growth in their community.



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