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Broadmoor Improvement Association – September Update

After a big push to the Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina in August, September was a quiet month at the Broadmoor Improvement Association.  We took the opportunity to work on long-term projects, most of which concern the upcoming parcel fee vote.  The Louisiana Legislature designated Broadmoor a neighborhood improvement district in 2010.  One result of this designation was the parcel fee vote.  The neighborhood residents elected to tax Broadmoor owners a parcel fee of $100 every year for a five year period.  Parcel fees fund the general operating needs of the BIA and provide financial leverage for quality-of-life programs and projects.  The tax is up for a vote this November and the staff at the BIA is working hard to produce materials showing our impact on the community.  Part of this effort is my project to create a membership database.  We offer free memberships to anyone who comes into the Keller Library & Community Center, the Broadmoor Food Pantry, and the Arts & Wellness Center.  Essentially, signing up for a membership puts you on the email mailing list for regular programming and event updates.  Creating a database of all of our members and combining this with class attendance records will allow us to analyze and illustrate the demographics of our programming use.  We will be able to identify who uses our programming most, who it misses, and better identify how to improve what we offer.  I have made good headway into the project and am currently adding class attendance records, starting with this past summer.  Although it is a tedious and time-consuming project, the benefit of illustrating our impact will be huge.

We also hosted the first Broadmoor Improvement Association General Meeting since I have joined the organization.  It was a great opportunity to meet some Broadmoor residents and to take part in discussions about the community.  We broke the meeting up into four discussion groups, each with a different topic.  The topics included affordable housing, quality of life issues, recreation opportunities, and more.  The meeting was a great sounding board for residents to discuss their top areas of concern and offer commentary on the BIA’s activities.

A small group of Broadmoor residents discussing topics of concern at a previous BIA general meeting.

The end of September brought the BIA’s annual event of Eatmoor in Broadmoor!  Eatmoor is a small food truck festival we host twice in the fall and spring at Keller Library & Community Center.  As the communications coordinator, I am in charge of promoting all events for the BIA.  This one was particularly fun because I got to advertise delicious food from local food trucks.  Because we host the event several times a year, it was a great opportunity to experiment with some new marketing ideas I had.  The event was a huge success with a large crowd showing up to grab some food and beer and enjoy music from a local band.  It was the biggest Eatmoor yet and went by without a hitch.

Eatmoor in Broadmoor brought local food trucks and community members out for a fun night!

Eatmoor in Broadmoor brought local food trucks and community members out for a fun night!

The start of October means a bigger push to spread the word about the parcel fee vote and the early stages of planning for our second fall Eatmoor.  It should be a busy month!




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