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Field Report: Second Harvest Food Bank


Indoor aeroponic “tower garden”

I have been at the Second Harvest Food Bank for a little over 2 months now and have been able to do a lot there. I started off doing a lot of research as we waited for more equipment to come in. Since my last post, we have received two indoor aeroponics towers, the invoice for the fish tank has been approved, I have began working on more affordable small scale systems, and we are preparing for gleaning season. I started off with growing kale because it was one of the more nutrient dense food to grow and it does not require changing of nutrient supply.


Office “kratky method” system

Eventually, I plan to scale up the project and even have it outside, but I wanted to work with the space I had available and the material that were already on hand. Using reclaimed wood or plastics that are typically single-use is a good way to stay along the lines of sustainability. Also, I  have been able to do some outside practice with new systems we will receive at the food bank. I helped plant and install systems at the Touro Synagogue. I appreciated
seeing other organizations adopting programs we want to promote. It is intended that through these hydroponic and gleaning initiatives we find ways for people to make farming more sustainable. It starts with the employees and volunteers and then to the other people in the community. Volunteers have been able to try the food being grown and the basil has been used in meals made for seniors. Soon the kitchen staff and Cooking Matters team will be able to determine what food they want to see grown so they can have food that caters to their needs. I am looking forward to seeing how the projects develop at Second Harvest and around the city.

Turro synagogue "zip towers"

Touro Synagogue “zip towers”



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