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Starting Out at the Freret Neighborhood Center

It was pouring rain in New Orleans this week, but that did not deter neighbors from coming into the Freret Neighborhood Center.

This is the start of my Second week of service and i am enjoying it thus far. When I get to the center in the morning, I check the mail, turn on the lights, set up the computers lab, then settle down at the front desk.

This is a nice change from the last four years, I’ve spent in the city living in the Tulane bubble. New Orleans has always felt inviting and I am looking forward to this year of service in the Freret and Milan community.

#tbt to 2010

Senior Connecting Group Freret Neighborhood Center circa 2010

The little blue house on Freret and Cadiz is friendly, fun, and a piece of home to many. The center is in the middle of the community and is surrounded by a number of businesses owned by community members. There is definitely a sense of community here, and the center is a space for meetings, gatherings, and resources. The programs held here are entirely neighborhood-run, so everyone really has a personal investment in its operations.

The computer lab is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and a lot of the neighbors have been coming here and utilizing the resources to learn computer skills. Also, The Seniors’ Connecting Group  meets every month.

The Freret Community Center is just one of the Neighborhood Housing Services programs. A lot of the staff here have moved on to other jobs and careers in the past year, but some still come back to utilize the space and offer support. It’s taking some time for me to organize and learn the structure of the programs and events, but I am excited to be a part of the center and the new programs we’ll be having this upcoming year!

Map of the Freret and Milan Neighbourhoods

   Map of the Freret and Milan Neighbourhoods


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