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Sustainable Impacts Take A Long Time

Wow! I can not believe a month has already gone by that I have been working with the Center for Restorative Approaches. When I first began, I was nervous to see what my responsibilities would entail but as I have slowly been adapting to the schedule and the duties I have seen an indent in my “standing-to-do list”, the CRA’s way of assigning responsibilities to its staff. I went over some of the CRA’s data with Tom, my supervisor and last years’ VISTA, and the organization has definitely made an impact on the community at large and I hope to continue making an impact over the course of this year but one thing is sure that sustainable impacts take a long time.

Poster board for VISTA 50th Anniversary Celebrations

Poster board for VISTA 50th Anniversary Celebrations

This past month has been somewhat insane from getting adjusted to the AmeriCorps VISTA budget to the Katrina 10 events and to even adjusting to post grad life in general. In the past month of living in New Orleans as a post graduate from Tulane University I have seen New Orleans from a different lens. Every one was celebrating the resilience of New Orleans after ten years of Katrina however I still believe we have a long road ahead of us to make New Orleans an amazing city. At one of our Friday development days the other VISTA cohorts and myself participated in a long discussion on the assets and deficits this city has to offer. I read this article in the New York Times that perfectly sums up the deficits that are still evident in New Orleans that hopefully myself and the other AmeriCorps members will help reduce. While I have been working with the CRA and AmeriCorps I have been introduced to so many more non-profits and organizations that are just so amazing its hard to imagine that the city won’t improve from here on out.

Picture of the Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina - NY Times

Picture of the Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina – NY Times

However, as I officially begin to recruit volunteers and research data for the CRA I am excited to continue sharing my experience with y’all. Nonetheless, tomorrow marks 14 years since 2011 and tomorrow is also VISTA’s 50th anniversary. And as it has been said before age is just a number, maturity is what really matters. This is what I will emphasize on for this next year as I serve with the CRA. While the numbers do matter in a non profit, the effort, the effects, the growth, and the passion is what truly matters.

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Hello all! I have been blogging for a couple years now not really for the sake of the readers but for the sake of writing. I have been writing in diaries since I was a little girl...maybe Matilda influenced me as a child, who knows?... but in recent years I have discovered the art of blogging. While studying abroad I tried to write my blog pretty regularly but with limited wifi access in Ghana that wasn't too successful. I am currently doing a year of service with AmeriCorps VISTA and we are required to write a monthly blog. But instead of writing just for them I have decided to expand my blog writing to write reviews on restaurants throughout the world as well as describe in detail my traveling stories. I hope you enjoy and feel free to leave comments!! Carpe Diem, V


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