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Field Report: Second Harvest Foodbank

Today marks my first blog post, so I’ll formally introduce myself. My name is Geordan Lightfoot Smith and I’m a graduate of the University of Missouri. I studied civil engineering with a focus on environmental engineering. I chose serve with Second Harvest Food Bank because I wanted to address food security issues through water resource management practices. Second Harvest Food Bank plans on focusing on gleaning and the use hydroponic systems to allow people in the community to have access to fresh sustainable produce. Promoting these practices will ultimately have a more positive impact on the environment as compared to more conventional farming practices.

Previous Gleaning

Previous Gleaning from March ’15


I will be working on both large and small scale gleaning projects, this year. The gleaning consists of harvesting fruits and nuts from trees around the city. The season will not start till late fall so there is a lot of time to work on volunteer coordination, spread awareness, and continue to do research that will make for a very successful gleaning season. The volunteers will be able to take food home with them and those who offer their trees or crops to be gleaned can also receive a portion of the fruit from their harvest.


Example of Tower Gardens

Example of Tower Gardens

The hydroponics systems that will be on site have not arrived yet. They should be here in the next 3 weeks so I will begin working on developing seedlings in a couple of weeks after they arrive. I have been able to become more familiar with existing operations, how to make sure the process runs smoothly, how to educate others on the practice, and expand operations. Currently, we plan to raise fish and use their waste to help feed the plants. We will use grow towers indoor and outdoors. I will also be experimenting with alternative designs to allow community members to have access to similar systems for an even more reasonable price.




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