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Au Revoir

I can’t believe this is my last blog post for Tulane VISTA! When I was a kid adults were always complaining that “time was flying by”, “where does the time go?” and “there aren’t enough days in the week”. Meanwhile, to 10 year old me, time seemed to be moving backwards when I was counting down the days left until summer vacation. I have now become one of those annoying adults. I cannot believe how quickly time has flown by since I graduated college. It seems with each passing year time moves faster and faster. PSO feels like yesterday so I was shocked to see that the time for my final blog post has arrived. WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE!?? My final weeks at the New Orleans Fruit Tree Project have been spent preparing for someone new to take over my role. I’ve been thinking back to all the things I have done this year; from green keepers to tree troopers, from Planting for the Future to backyard harvests, from the VISTA Blend grant writing course to writing and submitting my first grant.

Planting for the Future

Planting for the Future

Backyard harvests

Backyard harvests

This year has been full of new experiences and chances for learning and growth. This isn’t my first rodeo; after 3 AmeriCorps terms I have noticed a pattern. Each year starts off with some level of excitement and optimism and at some point in the middle of the year a lot of that has worn away. But every year there is always a second wind that happens some time around the 4th quarter, ensuring I leave feeling very fulfilled and rewarded.

Paris is always a good idea

Paris is always a good idea

I may have needed a little help getting my second wind this year and strategically planned a vacation to Paris. It was just the thing I needed to help me finish the year strong. Merci readers and au revoir!


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  1. Jack Styczynski
    June 30, 2015

    Have a great time in Paris, Cait!

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