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May The Force Be With You: Emily Schnitt-CBNO

I can’t believe there are only about three months left. The end to my time in New Orleans and VISTA is bittersweet. I am excited to see what the future has in store for me in Boston (and beyond) but I am also sad to be leaving the city that has given me so much in the past five years. Who knows, maybe I’ll be back sometime soon!

I am currently moving through the first draft of edits for the citizens’ guide. I am working also on formatting to increase the visual appeal of the finished guide and will be working further to make it one completed document by the time my VISTA year comes to a close.

In other news, I have been really enjoying our Friday meetings–the City Assisted Evacuation led by Evacuteer was a very interesting drill in seeing what may work and what doesn’t should the city need to evacuate. Doing mock interviews and hearing about experiences with cover letters at other VISTAs’ own sites is so helpful as there is a group of us who are having similar resume and cover letter as well as job search questions. I am really going to miss the group of VISTAs this year, especially since the July cohort is leaving a month earlier than I am. It has been such a wonderful experience getting to be surrounded by such smart, driven, motivated people. Another Friday meeting I really enjoyed was our viewing of Big Charity. It was such an enlightening film  and so impressive that it was done by a former Tulane student. It’s so cool to see the intersection of art and social change.

Our wonderful group of VISTAs this year!

Our wonderful group of VISTAs this year!

Additionally, helping Tom at CRA move boxes was a fun experience because it was so great to see the new Broadmoor Arts and Wellness Center. It is SUCH a beautiful space and I am so excited for what they have in store for the community. It seems to really be a place to bring everyone together, which is amazing. This has been a great month full of hard work, and I look forward to checking back in during the month of June to report the progress and formatting of the Citizen’s Guide!

Helping move boxes for CRA. I was the muscle of the operation...

Helping move boxes for CRA. I was the muscle of the operation…


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  1. Pamcakes
    June 27, 2015

    Great update!

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