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Hierarchy of Needs: Non-profit version

Did everyone know that Maslow produced a revision of his hierarchy of needs in 1970, the year he died?  His first five level pyramid created in 1943 looks like this:

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, 1943

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, 1943

His edits in the 60’s and 1970 introduced several more layers:

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, 1970

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, 1970

His edits clarify several distinctions of self-actualization and while I think Transcendence (helping others self-actualize) is super relevant to CRA’s work, it is the other end of this pyramid that most concerns me at the moment.  CRA moved this month to our new and hopefully final home at the Broadmoor Arts and Wellness Center.  There are several other permanent tenants including children’s groups and therapy/social work services for the neighborhood.  While it is in an honor to be in community and sharing space with these organizations, there’s nothing like moving to make you think about your hierarchy of needs.

At first in moving I was very frustrated by being distracted from my ‘true work’ of circle facilitation and Restorative trainings.  But the more the couple days of prepping, moving and settling in the more I had to remind myself that productive good work is IMPOSSIBLE without meeting the lower baser needs of food, water, wifi, desks, and even taking a break or two.

This is a lesson I learned previously and try to honor but it is always hard for me.  I like to work and work and work but I have to temper that probably unhealthy level of overworking with recognizing that naps and personal pleasures make me a better worker in the long game.  I love the long game and despise shoddy worksmanship in any task.

In this same way the neighborhood of Broadmoor has gone through a similar progression up the hierarchy.  The neighborhood was ‘green dotted’ after the storm which means it was going to become a floodzone/park.  Many citizens fought to keep their homes and bring back the neighborhood.  The Arts and Wellness Center was in those original plans 10 years ago and is a phase after so many of the other more basic needs have been met.  Now that Wilson School, Rosa Keller Library, homes and parks and business are all flourishing there, Broadmoor is reaching for Arts and Wellness; steadily climbing up that hierarchy of needs.  And CRA is honored to be welcomed into that work.

I am pleased to have spent the last couple weeks remembering to put that intentional time into those baser but critical needs as a walking stomach and pair of lungs and loving heart but i am glad I don’t have to move again and glad to be getting back to the restorative work I love so much.

Special thanks to Emily for being CRA’s muscle.  You saved us time, sweat and money.

Emily can move an office

Emily can move an office



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