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Field Report-A’s & Aces


Mayor Landrieu playing a quick match with A's & Aces students at the NORDC Summer Camp Press Conference.

Mayor Landrieu playing a quick match with A’s & Aces students at the NORDC Summer Camp Press Conference.

Well, March just came and went. It’s been stressful and challenging, but the days are going by more quickly! We’ve processed over 150 summer camp applications and 2 of our 3 camp sites are now full. I thought that after a month of summer camp preparation I would probably be a little burnt out, but I find myself still getting excited every time I send out a confirmation email accepting a camper. I began my VISTA year shadowing my supervisor during the last week of camp and saw first-hand how well it is run and how much the kids enjoy it. It baffles me that we are able to offer a full-day 7-week camp and charge only $240 per participant. (And that’s our most expensive option-many families qualify for sliding scale fees.) I mentioned the camps to my sisters and they were quite willing to send my nieces and nephews to New Orleans for the summer to attend. Luckily, we partner with NORDC for these camps and they require an Orleans Parish residency. Otherwise my 2-bedroom apartment my roommate and I share would also be home to 5 minors this summer.11044529_10152607167291968_7944870953616619687_o

Other projects going on with A’s & Aces: We’re recruiting for summer interns and staff as well as full-time coaches. Know any college students looking for summer work? Send them to asandaces.org! I’m also scrambling to find more court monitor volunteers for our tournament April 17-19. This has been a somewhat difficult task because all volunteers must have a tennis background, but it’s slowly coming together. I am very much hoping the office quiets down a little after the tournament is over, but we will just have to wait and see!



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