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Oranges Are The New Black

Spring has sprung! With the beginning of spring comes the end of citrus season. I am looking forward to climbing out of the trees and spending spring at my computer. Am I the only one who says that? We are currently finishing up the last few grapefruit harvests since those will stay ripe as late as May. We will celebrate the end of citrus season with a big orchard harvest in Belle Chasse with the Tulane VISTA team! So far we have harvested about 6,500 pounds of citrus and after the orchard harvest we will be well over 7,000 pounds! I call that a success.


Beautiful days mean beautiful harvests.

One of my favorite harvests from this season was a grapefruit harvest in Barataria. The van window was miraculously working that day and I was able to get some fresh air on the drive down. The weather was perfect and the neighbors even came over to help. NOFTP would not be able to function without the help of so many kind volunteers!


The neighbor happened to have one of those nifty contraptions that allowed him to zoom right to the top of the tree! Savings us a lot of time and hassle!

One of my biggest frustrations this year was volunteers who did not show up. It only made me appreciate the volunteers who were there and I am so grateful to the ones who kept coming back. We were fortunate enough to have help from people who seemed to defy gravity, could scale trees like monkeys and people whose motto was “No ladder? No problem.” This year we have had two stand out volunteers; Amy Biedermann and Lynn Serpe. They helped us plant trees, harvested hundreds of pounds of fruit and both battled some nasty lemon trees!


Can you spot the volunteer high up in the tree?


No ladder? No problem for Julie who climbed on top of the shed!


A very successful grapefruit harvest in River Ridge thanks to volunteers from Good Eggs and VISTA including volunteer of the season, Amy Biedermann!

Thank you to all the volunteers who helped us surpass 35,000 pounds of fruit harvested since 2011! Until next citrus season y’all!



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